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Hummus Redux

Second batch came out even better than the first!  With some cut up celery, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices, this is becoming my new favorite snack!  This time around I whipped it up in the food processor until it was ultra smooth, and added a little onion powder for extra flavor!  Delicious, all organic, and zero legumes or toxins!  Here’s the original recipe again: "I can’t believe it’s not Hummus!"

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Research Confirmed: Paleo Pisses Off More People Than Any Other Diet!

More evidence that we follow the most hated diet known to the unknown.  Why they hate us, I don’t know, but like I always say, “Hey, health isn’t for everyone.”  Check it out:

(EDIT: By the way, just as a follow up, notice that in the original article, they take a poll about “Did this diet work for you?”  Except for Weight Watcher and Atkins, which gave YES a slight edge, all the other NO’s blow away the YES’s!  But Paleo’s YES to NO ratio is off the charts!)

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thefoodchronicles-deactivated20 asked: Hi Jeff!
I wanted to let you know that I am going Paleo - I can´t hold out any longer!
It is going to be tough for me regarding meat - so I am most willing to be persuaded to introduce it and see how my nausea and skin problems develop. Fish is defiantly going to join the party though.
What are your best literature tips? Cheers :)

Good luck! Just make sure the meat you buy is organic, like grassfed beef and wild caught fish! Here are a couple of reading recommendations:

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(oops, your name got erased when I published, sorry)  Hi! My fiance and I just started paleo yesterday, and we’re both down one pound already! He just got off a crazy boot camp diet/exercise regimen and he’s always the one who is into diet and exercise. We started on this diet because I found your tumblr, and he ran with it and created our plan. So, thanks for the first pound down, Jeff.

Me: That’s great!!  So glad I could help!  Let me know how you’re doing in a few weeks!

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themoderncavegirl-deactivated20 asked: Vanilla beans: paleo or no? I wasn't sure if they were actually a "bean" or not...

As far as I know it’s a bean, that grows in a pod, so the answer is no.  Sorry.  :(

(EDIT: Hey wait, not so fast, Cave-hole, we just learned it’s actually the seeds of a fruit and IS paleo!  Hurray!  Check it out:

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Obama Deregulates GMO Crops Despite Supreme Court Injunction

More bad news for organic farmers.  Tribander, why do you have to bum me out by showing me this?  First you tell me pork isn’t paleo and now this?  I’m gonna have to stop reading everything from now on, it’s too depressing.

No, I kid Michele, it’s not her fault, she’s just the messenger.  But this article is very disturbing.  I’m a big Obama supporter, but if this is true, I’m running against him on the REAL FOOD ticket.  I thought his wife was all about healthy eating?!  I wonder if she knows what he’s up to (again, IF it’s true).  But regardless if it’s true or not that Obama is involved, the truth remains that big business and lobbyists are in control of your food supply unless we as consumers do something about it!  Please support organic local sustainable food!

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I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hummus Either!

I finally tried this great paleo recipe for hummus from Primal Kitchen Chaos called “I can’t believe it’s not hummus!”  As you may or may not know, hummus is made with chick peas, a legume, and therefore not paleo friendly.  It really did taste JUST like hummus!  And thanks to the tumblr that turned me on to it (sorry, my memory fails me who it was since it was so long ago, please remind me, and I’ll edit you in to give you credit). (EDIT: Add a little onion powder to the recipe for some extra flavor!  Also, keep it in the food processor until it’s ultra smooth!  Top generously with paprika!)

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size12jeans-deactivated20110607 asked: Followed your recipe for roast chicken today - ridiculously yummy! And bonus: I now have lunch sorted for the rest of the week.

RIGHT?!  Best chicken I ever had.  And the leftovers are very versatile.  I had it last week, and I think I’ll have it again on Friday!

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samishealthy-deactivated2011090 asked: Hey Jeff, Still working at paleo, but your recommend page isnt working :/

Aw, thanks for trying anyway.  I’m not sure anyone’s recommend page is working anymore since they changed the tumblr directory, but I appreciate the effort!  :)

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mikaelgfoto asked: "Soy is a definite paleo no-no, along with all other beans and legumes."

"Large-seeded legumes were part of the human diet long before the Neolithic agricultural revolution, as evident from archaeobotanical finds from the Mousterian layers of Kebara Cave, in Israel"

What's your take on this? If indeed legumes where eaten by paleo man wouldn't they be ok on a paleo diet? I seem to find more and more of these inconsistencies within the paleo diet.

Well, my education continues as well as everyone else’s and I’m learning new things all the time too.  Like the new pork debate for instance (see a recent post for details).  I do know that not all legumes are created equal and they don’t all fall into the “if you can eat it raw, you can cook with it” rule.  For instance, you can definitely eat snap peas and green beans raw, and I know a few paleo’ers that do include them in their diet.  My other rule is, “if there’s a debate about whether or not it’s paleo, skip it.”  There is so much conflicting info out there it can be maddening, so I agree with you about the inconsistencies.  But just because there are inconsistencies doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do paleo.   You have to do your own research, and make up your own mind, and make your own choices.  I’m sure if I was a starving caveman, I’d eat a shitload of large-seeded legumes if I came across them while searching for food.  But I’m a modern caveman, so I’m staying away from them.  If you want to eat organic green beans once in a while, I say go for it!

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regainingmymoxy asked: I read over the link you posted yesterday. To be honest I am more interested in being able to source protein from something other than protein shakes (so not natural). Only going with fish/shellfish, so nothing that can't breathe underwater.

I also want to cut out eggs from my diet (allergic), prior to now I really just avoided straight up eggs, but I am starting to think I should pull them out completely and go whole hog on fresh home cooked foods. None of this coucous fake meat delight or faux meatballs (both of which taste excellent even if they sound gross). I also assume salt is a no-no…

Would you consider this an appropriate breakdown of Paleo friendly foods vs. things you should avoid? (see this link: )

Sorry - I am a naturally random person - do you happen to have any suggestions on a tasty artichoke dipping sauce (since butter is out).

Thanks for the guidance/help with this.

I’m a big advocate of throwing away chemical laden protein shakes (another thing I stopped blogging about because I was tired of fighting).  So congrats on your decision.  Protein is protein, so just bring some wild caught tuna salad to the gym for your after workout meal, and you’ll get all the protein you need.

As far as eggs go, perhaps it’s not eggs you’re allergic to, but the bad farm factory eggs served in most stores.  Give it one more try, with organic, soy-free eggs, and see if it makes a difference.  The same thing happened with another reader who got sick every time she ate meat, but then she switched to organic meat, and she was okay!  If it doesn’t work, then you can say goodbye to eggs forever, but at least you’ll know for sure.  But thank goodness I’m not allergic to them because they’re a major staple of my diet.

Fake meat?  Doesn’t sound right.  Sounds like soy to me.  Soy is a definite paleo no-no, along with all other beans and legumes.  Full of toxins!  And yes, salt is a no-no too-too.

Now on to the bonus round, do I think is an appropriate breakdown of paleo do’s and don’t’s.  First of all the word “organic” is nowhere to be found, so I would move on to another site immediately.  The whole point of paleo (to me) is to eat clean healthy real food, and if it’s not organic, it has added hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and a bevy of other chemicals.

If the meat is organic (as in grass fed beef, and wild caught fish), then the fat is healthy, so no need to only eat lean meats (grass fed animals are naturally leaner anyway, just like humans that eat real, non-toxic food).  The site also limits your eggs intake, when, again, if the chickens are eating bugs and seeds from a natural pasture, their eggs aren’t going to be bad for you, they’re going to be great for you, full of omega-3 rich healthy fat.  Their recommendations of drinking diet soda in moderation is a tell tale sign that they’re full of shit as far as a paleo website goes.  They obviously don’t know what paleo is all about.  Diet soda, and all sodas should be the first thing you eliminate on paleo.  Where in the natural world do you find non-processed food that makes diet soda sweet?  Or that makes any kind of soda?  This isn’t brain surgery folks.

There are many more things wrong with that site, but it’s not worth my time to go into it further.  If I were you, I’d find a new source of info (like my archives).

And finally, for a great tasty artichoke dip, there’s this amazing thing called Google, and they have all kinds of recipes for paleo artichoke dip there!  Most computers have it for free!  Just make sure you have the knowledge to know that salt and dairy aren’t paleo if the recipe calls for it.  As you now know, there’s a ton of misinformation out there, so when in doubt, don’t eat it!

Thanks for reading!

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Emailed Question:

TheModernCaveGirl asked:

Man, my phone is being ridiculous; I can’t comment, send an ask, or submit.  That chili sounds soooo good!  I’ll be right over for some! ;)

I was going to ask you a couple things anyway, so might as well while I’m here…

Almond milk?  I’ve looked at about 6 brands & they all have ingredients I’m not happy with.  I haven’t gotten to Whole Foods yet, but have you found any “pure” brands, or should I just stick to coconut milk?

I know you’ve mentioned pork not being good Paleo protein.  Is that for the same reasons as bacon in that Whole9 article?  I’d just never really heard WHY & I’d like to know.

Also, I know you had mentioned trying to be chemical-free in relation to things like deodorant (& obviously food).  So I’m curious if you do the “make your own” soaps/cleaners/etc, buy organic ones, or just sorta skip them?  There are some things that I’ve made for a long time (even before Paleo) & I’ve recently read about people skipping shampoo altogether & how to make a bunch of other stuff.  I know Whole Foods has a lot of organic cosmetics/cleaners/etc.  I’m really just sorta looking for any recommendations you might have; I’d really like to get rid of as many chemicals as I can.

So, that was long.  Anyway, thanks for your help/time & holy crap I really want chili now!  Lol.

Xx- Jess

Well, first of all, I have never found a brand of almond milk that didn’t have additives.  But my dear friend Susie of AllMyHorizons fame found this video to make your own!  Check it out:

As far as pork goes, I was just alerted to the debate over pork being paleo earlier this year from Tribander, during what I call “The Bacon Wars.”  The Bacon Wars ended when I decided to stop blogging about bacon, and stopped arguing with other tumblrs.  The Whole9 article is the first I heard of any actual proof.

And finally I don’t make any homemade grooming products (yet), but I’m thinking about it, and when I do, I will ask the resident expert, my friend, sweet Melissa at EcoFriendlyHealth, for advice.

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